• With the recent Facebook-WhatsApp acquisition, users have started becoming aware that their content and conversations may not be in safe hands. At a time when users have started acknowledging the dangers of closed networks that monetize their data, a privacy focused ChatApp may just be the need of the hour. This is what #-Link-Snipped-# is all about. Created by the intelligent minds at Stanford, Omlet is approached with a different idea about how the data that goes along with the communication should be handled. The goal of Omlet seems to be simple and straight - to participate just like other chat services and yet give users a choice as to where the content they create is stored, controlled and monetized.


    Monica Lam, a professor at Stanford, along with some of her Phd students, has created a privacy focused chat app. What this app does is - decentralization of the location of content that inevitably becomes part of the conversation and gives users choice of where they can store those images or videos. Lam who is also co-founder and CEO of MobiSocial (company that owns Omlet) said in a report that Omlet is first open chat platform that lets users manage their own data. Although privacy is the selling point of this app, it isn’t the only one. Omlet is built with collaboration in mind so that it remains a useful and valuable option for communication.


    MobiSocial promises that it will never monetize users’ data. Omlet allows users link their chat accounts to their Dropbox accounts with more choices in the future. The company will store users’ data for two weeks on their servers to handle disconnected devices. Moreover, Stanford has decided to integrate Omlet into their iStanford app. But the problem with chat apps is getting enough users to make it viable. We’ll have to wait and see if this app creates a buzz in the tech world.

    What are your views on this privacy driven app? Share with us in comments.

    Source: Omlet Launches Privacy Focused Chat App At SXSW 2014 • TechCrunch
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