• Ramani


    MemberOct 1, 2011

    October 1 - National Mistakes Day (USA)

    I knew that US people have days for all sorts of things. It seems but right that they have a day for mistakes: OCTOBER 1.
    There is no need for any special day in India. It is a year long activity led by the Government!

    Here is an article from the Creativity Portal on this:

    #-Link-Snipped-#Did you know that October 1 is National Make a Mistake Day? Isn't that awesome? Imagine A WHOLE DAY devoted to sanctioned mistake-making that we get to be proud of!

    So what mistakes are you going to make today? What guilt, shame, or frustration over not-being-perfect can you let go of? What intended gaffe will make you laugh? Let's celebrate our mistakes! And let's make 'em good!

    To inspire your brazen mistake-making, this NewZine is littered with them! No actually, my perfectionism won't allow such recklessness, but here's a recent example of one of mine, synchronicitly synched with this forgiving celebration:

    ...So I decided to accept Tom Evan's invitation to chat casually about creativity for his Moments of Light podcast series. Now, Tom is a prolific #-Link-Snipped-# to Creativity Portal from the UK (see his new #-Link-Snipped-# series), and from the very first moment I met him, I linked his name with the famous sausage/restaurant brand in the US. See the sign above — it naturally fits, right?

    Well... as it turns out, I'm good at making sausage out of names in recorded interviews. BUT I'm also good at using my own mistakes learning experiences as humor fodder in creative expression. So, if you're the least bit interested in listening in on our conversation, witnessing my gaffe, and reading some self-reflective silly from me, #-Link-Snipped-#.

    The great news for me and recorded interviews is now the pressure's off. What a comic relief. Mistakes were made. And now more can easily follow.

    Enjoy making your mistakes today. And tomorrow. And the day after. You're allowed to and in unlimited amounts. Let go of the pressure of trying to be perfect. Relax and laugh more. This is life — right here — in all its imperfect glory. Let's celebrate!

    Chris Dunmire, #-Link-Snipped-#
    Expert Mistake-Maker
    Explore & Express Your Creativity!

    *National Make A Mistake Day (NMAMD) is brought to you by unofficial order and not-so-serious delegation of Creativity Portal® (Chris Dunmire's Amazing Creativity Portal - @funmire - Be Creative! / NMAMD celebrates the inevitable happenings, instances, and events of being human, including, but not limited to: mistake making, blunders, gaffes, and measuring once, but cutting twice.

    And the mistake:

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