Obstacle avoiding robot - Microcontroller Programming

guys i m makin an obstacle avoidng robot with 2 dc geared motors, a sharp ir sensor, nd nxp microcontroller p89v51rd2bn i m having problem in programmign de microcontroller . using keil i m making a hex file to burn the data into microprocessor . can u guys suggest me some programs code to make hex file i m having problem in tat

#define forward 0x05; //0000 01 01 both motors in forward
#define reverse 0x0a; //0000 10 10 both motors in reverse
#define leftturn 0x06; //0000 01 10 left motor =backwards,
//right motor=forward
#define rightturn 0x09; //0000 10 01 left motor=forward
//right motor=backwards
#define obst P2
void main()
{ int P1,P2;
P1=0xff; //intialize PORT1 as input(sensors)
P2=0x00; //intialize PORT2 as output(motors)
if(obst==0) //Check if sensor has detected an obstacle
{ P2=reverse;
} else
{ P2=forward; //else go forward

this is my program i hav searched for but it is showing in keil tat header file cant be read ? why ? can u correct this program or suggest me some obstacle avoiding robo progams for my microprocessor


  • Shobhan Mankad
    Shobhan Mankad
    check if the header file that you have included the (.h) file is present within the Keil directory. if not you need to,

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