Obstacle avoiding, recording video and sending the video for display on monitor.

hi, i am abhi, persuing M.sc in Computer Science. I have no knowledge in electronics though i need to develop a car that performs the followings-

1) Automatically senses obstacle and then avoids it.
2) Sends video whenever it makes journey.
3) This video is captured by webcam and then bluetooth device is used to send video to monitor for display.

I am good in programming language(like C, C++) but i don't know how to design the car i.e, i want the circuit diagram and how web camera and bluetooth device are installed on this car so that i can watch video on monitor.

if any alternative ways to send and watch video then please help me to get those and plz, plz help me. all answers are appreciated. I know 8051 microcontroller and C language but lack of knowledge in electronics.


  • Shobhan Mankad
    Shobhan Mankad
    if you are going to use webcam, you need to transmit onto the other hand, to a tv which is with you. so go the 'juna bazar' or watever, find a tv receiver circuit , remember the old days which used to come with antenna- those ones. bring one of the working ones, so the reception of the video is simplified for you, one part is done.

    now for object following, you will require some knowledge of image processing which you will have to do in matlab. now thats the little tricky part. and see if you can google & find some solution. my advice is to use a round object, and if i am not wrong is little bit easy to follow.

    i suggest you one more thing, install an external tv tuner card in your laptop, so that the video feed can be processed since you will require frames to be captured for matlab work.
    and then for sending it to the bot, you can send it directly via the RF channel, receive it on the bot, use a microcontroller to control the further action of the motors of the 'car' /robot.
  • kawal
    Hi abhi28,

    For building a autonomous robot you will need a microcontroller,a infrared or ultrasonic sensor,some dc geared motors and a servo.
    As you said you are much familiar with C and C++ then Arduino would be a good choice of microcontroller board.It is based on atmega 328.It is completely open source.
    Here is a tutorial i posted on my website about how to make a object avoiding robot using arduino
    If you are interested then you can refer that.

    And regarding the video ,for that you can use the cheap chinese wireless pinhole camera that comes in a kit with reciever and RCA input cables and adaptors for only Rs 1000 to 1500 if you buy through ebay.For that you wont need any coding as it will not be connected to microcontroller.The transmitter of pinhole camera transmits the data to its receiver which can be connected to TV,monitor or Laptops with slight modifications and the live video can be seen(for laptops and monitors you will need some software).
    The link to the camera
    Error Page | eBay

    If you need any more help then please let me know.


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