Obama Wins! Will it end the racism debate?


You all are aware of the new American president Barack Obama's back ground. He is America's first 'colored' head of state. While almost every headline is reading a similar tone 'Obama becomes first black US president' is it right to classify a person on the basis of his color or race? I think not. We stay in a country (India) where you find the fairest and the darkest people alike. Yet we are all equals, at least on the skin color front.

My question is, will Obama's victory end the great racist debate in the world? And is it really justified to mention, if not malign, a person's color over and over again?


  • durga ch
    durga ch
    I agree!!!

    When color is a controversy, and racism is a crime pointing it out it self is propogating it.......

    Why do you need to address a person's color??

    He could as well be addressed America's New President.... Why America's First Black President???He won as he has all the capabilities to get America out of the current situation.

    Its really a moment of pride for all the African-Americans , they have really gone through a lot of hard ships to come to this stage...but they ares till being looked apart when media makes such statements
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    lol, this is funny!

    Ok, the fact we are still calling him the first 'black' president proves that racism still exists.

    We can't get rid of racism until we STOP referring to people as 'black' or 'white' or 'brown'.
  • gohm
    You are right, we still have a ways to go around the world in regards to racism. In both examples given, there is still evidence. Obama's presidential campaign based on race/color and in the Indian example the favortism toward light toned complexion. The labels may help to describe, however they also can help perpetuate racism.
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Ah, we need to pay attention to what John Lennon had to say through "Imagine".
  • Ashraf HZ
    Ashraf HZ
    Racism will take a while to extinguish. Even those who claim to be moderate subconsciously associate african-americans with negative connotations such as guns, lack of education and gangsterism due to conditioning via news, movies and so on.

    If there was more exposure of them doing good things, then over time people will subconsciously be less discriminate.

    Its great to see Obama's victory! In an online survey done in Malaysia, over 80% voted for him.
  • Mayur Pathak
    Mayur Pathak
    Ok, the fact we are still calling him the first 'black' president proves that racism still exists.
    Well said. The fact still remains that we give skin color the utmost preference without doubt. We ourselves are racist.

    Tell me all you unmarried guys. If some one asks you to describe the soul mate of your dreams, 'fair' will inevitably be the first quality on the list. 'Black', whether in politics, in sports or in our life is always a no-no
  • raj87verma88
    No No No No No....it needs much more than Obama winning the election.
  • neo1786
    war against racism has been going on thro ages......racism still exists and itll take another century or so to completely remove racism from ppls minds..........Obama winning the elections just shows how weak racism is in todays world..........tht doesnt help to change racist minds........it depends how the next few generations view racism as........
  • aashima
    We can't say Obama's success has ended racism. The fact that his success is prefixed with "the first black president" is because he is actually first of his kind in the league. America has been practising racial discrimination between blacks and whites since ages. But Obama's achievement has sent allover a wave that says that if one is determined and capable, hurdles like racism can't mar the progress! It has not ended racism but it can be considered as the first step in the direction!
  • syedaafaq
    according to me yes there would be an end for all those wars and conflicts over the races of black and white since these decades........ let us all hope for unity and peace among all the races in future...................
  • sauravgoswami
    let's see wat obama does,i think he will follow bush's policy ,as for racism,it was minimal in USA after martin luther king!!!!
  • laxman7m
    Yes..... getting support from WHITEs is of great significance which clearly says that they have voted for his ideas and policies.
  • Rifaa
    U know, things are going for the worst.. just wait and watch
    This time it will be really interesting. I can assure you tht
  • Lock-Os

    But that said, things have seemingly improved, it takes time to change something the right way.
  • Rifaa
    Every ones after power. Who knows what Obama has up in his sleeves.
    Power is dangerous. Humans must not have that. It will twist everyones mind. you and I are no different. It is what will destroy this world.
    Sooner or later. you'll see.
  • Saandeep Sreerambatla
    Saandeep Sreerambatla
    Calling him Black President , is not a racistic activity as he belongs to a group called Black he is called in that way.
    We should feel bad when a Black guy is not treated well , but here thats not the case here everyone respects Obama whatever his colour is , just as the discrimination black here is a discrimination to distunguish not to degrade someone.
    There is discrimination still existing all over the world in different ways as in US the biggest one is White/Black and in India upper cases lower cases etc etc.
    But in my view only two differences Human and Inhuman.

    and what does Obama does we need to wait and see lets hope for the best.


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