Nymi Bracelet Uses Your Electrocardiogram To Identify You

Dr. Karl Martin of Bionym Inc. hates passwords. He has tried password managers but he finds that its implementation on mobile devices is quite cumbersome. He knows biometric recognition systems like fingerprint readers, face identification and retinal scanners are not foolproof. So to come up with elegant yet highly secure solution he spent ten years in research and development and finally perfected the Nymi bracelet. This bracelet once worn and started up will monitor a person’s electrocardiogram and constantly authenticate the identity of the user. Electrocardiogram is a measure of the electrical activity of the heart and is unique to every person. Unlike fingerprints that can be picked up and replicated, a person’s ECG can never be duplicated.

Nymi 1

Once Nymi is on your arms, it helps you unlock your smartphone and tablet. It is also equipped with proximity sensors that sense your presence nearby. Dr. Martin envisions a future where this bracelet will be used everywhere user authentication is needed. For example, unlocking your car and altering its settings based on your preferences. You might be able to sit on your computer and it will automatically log-in to your social networking, mail and bank accounts without you having to enter your long complicated passwords. He is also imagines an interconnected system all the electronic devices will respond to your presence once you walk into a room and work according to your preferences.

Nymi 2

Nymi, is still being perfected will arrive within a year's time but you can still book it ahead of its launch on its #-Link-Snipped-# for $79. The idea is impressive but its implementation will decide its market success. So CEans, Let us know what you think about Nymi in the comments section below after you have watched the demo video given below.

Source: This bracelet could replace your passwords, your car keys, and even your fingerprints - The Verge


  • Sanyam Khurana
    Sanyam Khurana
    Intresting things are coming up but couldn't someone just reprogram the device and it would work as per wish of the programmer

    as soon as technology arrives people start to learn how it can be exploited..
    Otherwise this device is pretty impressive..

    And remove the tension of remembering passwords of so many accounts.
  • Nayan Goenka
    Nayan Goenka
    This is a good innovation in biometric security for sure but since they claim it to be foolproof, Why not completely remove the idea of using passwords and enable biometric authentication only. Like when you open facebook, the biometric will automatically command the fb server to load your profile. No need of username and password. This will remove piracy too.
  • Saandeep Sreerambatla
    Saandeep Sreerambatla
    In this case ,what if I have multiple accounts ? like gmail or facebook? how do we resolve this?
  • Nayan Goenka
    Nayan Goenka
    Well right now also, people use same password on Facebook and Google in many cases. Won't make much of a difference. Use yourself as the password.
  • Sanyam Khurana
    Sanyam Khurana
    I think, with this, there will be no password, but just verification that you are the Authorised person to access the account, so opening you bank account, google or facebook, would be same. It would just need verification.
    good to see things kike this
    its just a great device...

    can i have the seminar report on this topic

    my email id is

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