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@yadavundertaker mohit • 23 May, 2011
hi everyone

i have cleared my NTPC written for the post of executive trainee. Mine interview and GD are on june 23rd 2011. So i want your help to prepare for the interview and GD. Anyone with prior interview experience or working with NTPC ,please share your own experience. i am waiting for the reply.

thanks in advance.
@yadavundertaker mohit • 23 Jun, 2011 sorry i have to edit this post due to some reasons
@ISHAN TOPRE • 23 Jun, 2011 Seems like you had fun! You will get selected. Congratulations in advance 😀
@yadavundertaker mohit • 23 Jun, 2011 thanks

waiting for the result..hope that i will make through it
@Dale • 24 Jun, 2011 congratulations for the successful interview.

I will be facing the same on 29th of June from i&c branch.

I will be grateful if you can tell me something about the general structure.

Grateful for the help.
@k.choudhary • 24 Jun, 2011 HEY, all the best for your final result.
could you plz tell us hows it? what they asked you in GD and how tough was interview?
what kinda questions they asked in interview
and GD environment.
i'll be very thankful to you if you tell me, my interview is on next week.
@k.choudhary • 24 Jun, 2011 hey dale, my interview is on 8th july. all the best for interview and gd.
plz tell me after completion of your interview and gd. your experience and everything.

i hope you will help me.
@ISHAN TOPRE • 24 Jun, 2011 Can this help? NTPC Recent Interview Questions | Way 2 Freshers
@k.choudhary • 24 Jun, 2011 thanx for help bro.
i wanna know currently how they are taking interview and gd topics.
most of them wrote about written test. and general info about ntpc recruitment procedure.
@yadavundertaker mohit • 25 Jun, 2011 in GD two topics were given and we have to choose one for discussion..topics were easy
interview was fully technical and basically they ask questions from their related field ..for mechanical they ask fluid machines, fluid mechanics and powerplant and thermodynamics to some students..
overall interview was easy
@k.choudhary • 25 Jun, 2011 Thanx, what were the topics they gave you and other fellow groups??
i'm from electronics branch.
how many members were there in interview? they asked only technical question or some HR questions too??
@yadavundertaker mohit • 25 Jun, 2011 only technical questions were there no hr questions
@k.choudhary • 25 Jun, 2011 okay😁
its strange , what i heard is they ask HR questions too. may be your case is different. overall depends on their mood.
All person sitting there was technical or mixed?
@yadavundertaker mohit • 25 Jun, 2011 my panel consists of 3 people out of which only 2 asked questions..
@k.choudhary • 25 Jun, 2011 hmmmmm ok. do u have any idea how many candidates they selected? i mean ratio of student per seat.
@Dale • 25 Jun, 2011 thanks for the help brother, the information was a life saver.
@k.choudhary • 25 Jun, 2011 DALE i hope you will share your experience too after your interview
@k.choudhary • 29 Jun, 2011 hey DALE today was your interview. plzz share your experience.
what kinda technical question they asked you?
and your GD topics.
I am from ECE branch (OBC- cat.)
@luckyjethani • 10 Jul, 2012 hi this is my exp of gate 2012
@s.gupta • 25 Jun, 2016 Hey
I am from mechanical branch and it will b helpful if sm1 shares his/her ntpc gd nd interview experience with details.
@s.gupta • 25 Jun, 2016 Hey
I am from mechanical branch nd It would be helpful if sm1 shares his/her interview nd gd experience in details at NTPC
@Ankita Katdare • 28 Jun, 2016
I am from mechanical branch nd It would be helpful if sm1 shares his/her interview nd gd experience in details at NTPC
The questions will be based on the following -
  • Tell something about yourself
  • Your strengths and weaknesses etc
  • Current events
  • Why do you want this job?
  • Logical puzzles, industry awareness etc.
  • Areas of interest mentioned in your CV
  • Your favourite subjects from your curriculum
  • Training or Internship you did in your B.E. or
  • Projects you did in final year

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