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Now thought controlled robots are reality...

Have you seen popular Hollywood movie: Surrogates. If yes, you must be wondering that Bruce Willis was struggling in a world dominated by realistic robots that were controlled by humans sitting comfortably in somewhere else. When I watched the movie, I just imagined that how the Hollywood directors live in a fantasy world.

But I was proved wrong today, when a team of researchers based in laboratories around the globe, have developed a system similar to the one depicted in the film. This development team used a FMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machine to allow a person to control a robot's movements simply by thinking of a command. The brain's blood flow was monitored, and the FMRI machine can detect neural activity associated with various commands, such as movement.

In a recent demonstration of the technology, the team had a human subject sitting in a lab in Israel control a small robot in another lab located in France.

The consortium, operating under the collective name VERE (Virtual Embodiment and Robotic Re-embodiment project), includes scientists from Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, the U.K., Portugal, and Israel. The most recent demonstration video shows Shapira controlling a tiny humanoid robot roughly two-feet tall, but the group hopes to conduct future tests with the HRP4 robot, a human-sized robot that would give the human operator an even greater sense of experiencing the world through a robot's

Not sure where the science is going, is there any limit to it?

HRP4 Robo:
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Do you think that I am also in fantasy world?? 😁 I am not and this is the reality now.
nitesh mishra
nitesh mishra • Jul 10, 2012
if surrogates are possible then world will be awesome .
nitesh mishra
if surrogates are possible then world will be awesome .
There would be Pros n Cons of that.
But before that, would it be really possible to make a realistic robot which can literally replace human being in everything including thought process and emotions.

nitesh mishra
nitesh mishra • Jul 13, 2012
sir why not because if a human is possible then why not a realistic robot because in reality our body is also a machine . you can never put limitations on science .

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