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Now Mobile App To Help Trace Trapped Victims During Natural Calamities

Question asked by Rucha Wankhede in #Coffee Room on Feb 29, 2016
Rucha Wankhede
Rucha Wankhede · Feb 29, 2016
Member of CrazyEngineers
Dr. Pradeep Bhardwaj, CEO of Six Sigma High Altitude Medical Services for Rescue, says his company has developed a software application for mobile phones to help locate people trapped in debris during natural disasters such as earthquakes etc. The application developed by Six Sigma, can be downloaded to a mobile phone, not for communication but more for continuously sending out a signal which can be detected by special equipment.


Not requiring a mobile network or Internet connectivity, the app is based on satellite information which will continuously transmit coded signals detected within a radius of 50 kilometres.

Mobile towers network or Internet connectivity generally fails when being hit by a natural calamity. The Real Time Location application is made keeping in mind the rescue operations, when people are caught at high altitudes or in debris in snow. The app which can be downloaded to a mobile phone employs the concept of ham radio used by amateurs to communicate with one another.

Six Sigma medical services has wide arena of work being recognised by the Central government, several state governments and countries like Nepal and China for its contribution in saving and counselling thousands of people during the Uttrakhand cloud-burst in 2013, Nepal earthquake in 2015 and China earthquakes, Bhardwaj quoted. Till date his team have been to save more than 5,600 victims who were stuck in high altitudes.Setting up a base camp at a height of 24,500 feet on Mount Everest during the Nepal earthquake, they also served to play a major role in helping the Indian Army rescue people.

The further roadmap for Dr. Bhardwaj and his team includes sending a proposal on the application to the Health Ministry, urging it to get the app installed in the cell phones of soldiers and people living in high altitude areas which are prone to earthquakes and landslides.

Source: Economic Times Posted in: #Coffee Room

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