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Ambarish Ganesh
Ambarish Ganesh • Dec 19, 2012

Now Flush Your Poopy Slush Via Smartphone App! Welcome The 'Smart' Toilet!

The Japanese firm Lixil has conceptualized and developed a 'smart' domestic toilet that could be controlled via a smartphone. The toilet employs Bluetooth to communicate along with the app, and apart from controlling all the toilet-functions (flushing, lifting toilet seats, spraying, etc.), it even keeps a track of a users bowel movements. Also, the music enthusiasts have got built-in speakers at the toilet base that adds melody to nature's call. No Shit!
Available for specific handsets, the My Satis Android app will function with three of the company's new range of lavatories. The system even tracks every single use to monitor the electricity and water bills. There's also a health function which generates a diary to let a user know how often he's made use of the toilet.

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