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Non-contact measurement of heart rate measurement

Question asked by Bala Kumaran in #Coffee Room on Feb 11, 2015
Bala Kumaran
Bala Kumaran · Feb 11, 2015
Project Abstract / Summary : Many of the heart rate measurement techniques require probes and electrodes which need contact with the body. This leads to skin irritation and other skin diseases. There fore we require non contact measurements for measuring heart rate. This involves detecting the variation of light reflected from skin and using image processing and signal processing techniques to estimate the heart rate.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : We chose this project because of our interest in image processing and signal processing . Also there are very few non contact measurements that have been proposed to measure heart rate. Heart rate is one of the commonly measured and monitored parameter related to health care. It can be considered as primary vital sign which is needed about a patient in both emergency and clinical situations. Several existing methods , from ECG to PPG sensors is being used to measure the heart rate. ECG requires placement of electrodes in standard body positions. PPG sensors needs direct contact with the finger or ear lobes to estimate the heart rate. The requires the patient to maintain their initial position until the heart rate is measured. This can also lead to skin irritation.

Project Category : Electrical / Electronics / Communication
Institute/College Name: Easwari Engg College
City: Chennai
State: Tamil Nadu
Participating Team From: Final Year Posted in: #Coffee Room

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