Nokia's New Asha Device Revealed In New Leak

Our favourite and trusted serial tipster @evleaks has put up a new leaked image from Nokia. We were expecting to break the news and write all about the smartphone but the trouble is we have no information regarding the phone. Even @evleaks #-Link-Snipped-# as he/she states in the photo “What Is This Thing? dual SIM edition”. So here is an open invitation to all our readers to help us find out what exactly is this thing. So take a closer look at the image below and make your assumptions in the comment section below.

New Leak

PS: I shall post my interpretations about this image 24 hours later.


  • Satya Swaroop Dash
    Satya Swaroop Dash
    It nearly been 24 hours, so are my interpretations

    To start with, it’s pretty obvious that it is a Dual SIM phone. Next I think its Nokia’s attempt to make a wider Asha phone. As compared to the 500 series of Asha phone this one does look wider. The model number however seems to be a mess. I always look at the clock display and find out the model number but here the clock is set at 15:41. I can assume that the 1540 is the actual phone and 1541 is the model number for the Dual SIM variant.
  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    The shape reminded me of Palm Pre smartphone. A lot of people seem to be tweeting that it could be a tablet, but that seems highly improbable.
    They have based their assumption on the fact that the model lacks an earpiece on the top.

    To me, it looks like the screen can't be larger than 3.5-inch in size, ruling out the possibility of this one being a Nokia Asha tablet.

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