Nokia Lumia Icon - Are You Buying The 5" Windows Phone 8 For Your Valentine?

Microsoft has launched the new Windows Phone 8 called the Nokia Lumia Icon. Priced at $199, the phone will start selling in the U.S. from February 20. Available in black and white color variants, the Nokia Lumia Icon could just be a cool gift for this year's Valentine's day, especially if the person you are gifting it to has an interest in capturing videos with their smartphone. And we say that because Microsoft believes that the Lumia Icon packs specifications that speak of the best recording technology packed into any smartphone. On the features list, we find that the smartphone has a 5-inch HD display with 1080 pixel resolution and a 180 degree viewing angle coupled with anti-glare tech.

If you have had trouble with sound quality in smartphone recorded videos before, you will happy to hear that Nokia Lumia Icon features four microphones - two on the front and two on the back. The front ones are used while making phone calls, whereas the rear ones are used when capturing videos. The idea behind this is that the two on the back shall be able to capture sound better in video recording. Speaking of the camera, the rear one is a 20-megapixel one with the Nokia PureView technology and equipped with ZEISS lens and optical image stabilization. This makes it better than Samsung Galaxy S4's 13 megapixel one and Apple iPhone 5S's 8 megapixel one. The front camera is a 1.2 megapixel with video recording at 720 pixel @ 30fps and features Wide-angle lens.


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Powered by a 2.2 GHz Quad Core Processor, Nokia Lumia Icon is good for for playing Xbox games to. The phablet packs inside it a 2420 mAh battery that extends support to wireless charging. Users can buy a charging pad separately and if you do buy this phone before 16th of March, Microsoft throws in a free Nokia Wireless charger in the package. Launched with the Nokia’s latest software update, Lumia Black, among Lumia Icon's built-in apps you will find Nokia Camera, Refocus, Storyteller and Video Director.

How do you like the features, specs and price for the all new Nokia Lumia Icon? Share with us in comments below.


  • Rajni Jain
    Rajni Jain
    looks another device in the race of smartphones.
    With 2.2 GHz Quad Core Processor, it is impressive and 4 microphones would add something new to the video recordings. 20 MP camera is good, and Looks are impressive as well.

    If this will be available in India somewhere 12000/- ($199) that would bring down their own Lumia business and gonna a big hit in Indian Market.
  • Netradeep Dhonde
    Netradeep Dhonde
    It's released exclusively on verizon networks. Won't be coming to India.
  • Dhananjay Harkare
    Dhananjay Harkare
    Would have been the perfect phone for Indian users. Even I would be dying to buy this one!

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