Nokia Lumia 800 Gets Price Tag Of Rs. 26600 In India

Nokia Lumia stuns everyone not just with its looks, but also with its price tag. reports that the Nokia Lumia will retail for a price tag of Rs. 26600 in Indian markets. Well, we might just assume that the price tag might be a direct consequence of the global economy and the rupee that's going down the drain every minute. At the time of writing this post, 1 US dollar corresponds to Rs. 51.71. I do not know whether people in India would really want to shell out 26600 bucks for the operating system that's not so popular as iOS and Android.

Here's a quick overview of the Nokia Lumia 800 specifications that matter -

The screen dimensions are 116.5 x 61.2 x 12.1 mm and it's a Gorilla glass display which resists scratches. Nokia taunts the 'Clear Black Display' which is also touch sensitive. Buyers should be aware that there's no extra memory card slot and you'll have to rely on inbuilt 16 GB of storage space; which should be more than enough for 99% of the users. The other regular features include wifi, 3G, GPRS and EDGE connectivity. The 8MP camera is more impressive than the cams usually found in other Nokia phones. The 1450 mAh battery could have been bigger but should be 'okay'.


  • K!r@nS!ngu
    Yes it came with good features....but tooo much price.... let's wait for the users' reviews.
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    I personally lost interest in Nokia because the company lost interest in innovation for a large period of time. Samsung's taken over their business.
  • born_star16
    I personally lost interest in Nokia because the company lost interest in innovation for a large period of time. Samsung's taken over their business.
    Exactly Big K. Samsung has more interesting models in the market and the latest one Galaxy Y in Rs.7,000/- is also very good.
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Yeah, and the latest news from TOI: #-Link-Snipped-# says that the company will now take the #1 crown from Nokia in India. The bigger part of the problem for Nokia is lack of clear vision. When Apple was changing the world with the launch of iPhone, Nokia continued to focus more on producing more mobile phones without any innovation. Then there was a tablet war that Samsung entered with Apple and now giving it a tough competition. Nokia was nowhere to be seen. I'd say that was one of the biggest mistake from Nokia. They still don't have a tablet.

    Moving forward, Nokia might just want to amaze the world with a new product or bring some really cool innovation. I still dont' know what they're currently focusing on and what operating system they are betting their future on. Microsoft's Mango Mobile operating system looks promising; but it's all up to Nokia to use it to their advantage.

    I think Nokia still hasn't 'lost it'. I know several non-geeks who'd throw their money for the brand 'Nokia' any day over Apple or Samsung.

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