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Nokia Here / Maps at Street Level

Question asked by Ashraf HZ in #Coffee Room on Jul 23, 2013
Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ · Jul 23, 2013
Rank A2 - PRO
I was on the bus to the train station earlier today, and I noticed a small ford hatchback with large Nokia decals buzzing passed. What caught my attention was the fact there were cameras on it's roof, similar to the Google Street View camera cars.

Turns out Nokia has been working on competing against Google's Street View, albeit with a different concept. Instead of capturing just images, they also perform 3D scanning with LIDAR and slope data with IMUs. The data obtain is highly detailed and can also be used for more intelligent voice navigation.

They also already have live traffic updates apparently, taking information from anonymized GPS data. Live traffic updates is an awesome feature in Google Maps, saves a lot of hassle when trying to plan routes during rush hours.

Does anyone with a Nokia phone can verify the functionality of the Street Level view?

More info here

It would be great to see strong competition against Google Maps, it will certainly drive (pun intended) more innovation for navigation apps for consumers. Posted in: #Coffee Room

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