Nissan Note Can Auto-Clean Bird Poop, Mud, Dust & Eliminate Car Washing

Japanese car maker, Nissan has developed a super hydrophobic (water repelling) and oleophobic (oil repelling) nano paint that promises to make car washing a thing of past. The paint refuses to let dust, oil and water settle on it so that your car always looks brand-new purchase, just out of showroom. Nissan calls it first of its kind, self-cleaning technology and has demonstrated it with their Note model. What's even better is that applying this paint on your car is pocket friendly; with the total cost of coating estimated at about $750. That's not a big price to pay to keep you and your car happy, right?


Nissan's engineering team at UK has been performing several tests to ensure that it's ready for the mass rollout. Nissan has released a demo video (see below) that shows Nissan Note's one symmetrical half coated with the paint and the other half without the coat. The car's then driven on muddy roads. While the part coated with the nano paint remains super-clean, the one without the coat gets quite dirty. Check -

The technology behind this nano paint, called Ultra-Ever Dry has been developed and trademarked by Florida (USA) based Ultratech International. Nissan says that the coat works by forming a protective layer of air between the paint and environment. It stops mud, dust and water from settling on car's body. We've a video of how this nano-coating works; and it's quite impressive. Check out various applications of the coating - right from using it on hand-gloves to funnels to plastic-sheets.

The technology has potential to totally eliminate car washes along with several other applications. If it works fine on the car's windshield; we will soon be able to say goodbye to the car's windshield wipers; and boy, we do want that! Do let us know your thoughts on this self-cleaning technology.

Source: Nissan develops the world's first SELF-CLEANING car | Daily Mail Online


  • Rajni Jain
    Rajni Jain
    I have seen the video of nano paint, called Ultra-Ever Dry technology a while back and it was not that eye catching. Now with the actual usage, it just became AWESOME !!

    I love my car to be clean all the time, and nano coating can now ensures that in a cost of 30 grands.

    Wait Wait Wait !

    Any idea how durable it would be?
    How much time the coating will withstand without needing another coating round?
  • Yogesh Borkar
    Yogesh Borkar
    Awesome Nano technology...Simply superb. I hope all auto brands adapts this technology soon.
    It would've been better if the coating act as a heat resistant too, resulting in a cool car...what say?

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