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@Ambarish Ganesh • 16 Jul, 2013
It's been thirty years since the Brand Datsun phased out, and now with its resurrection, Japanese auto-maker Nissan nurtures huge dreams regarding the company-hold in Indian market. To elevate this plan, they'll be launching an eagerly-awaited low-cost hatchback 'Go' under the brand name next year. In the small car segment that's heavily dominated by Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai and Tata Motors, Nissan Motor Co's President & CEO, Carlos Ghosn, is pretty sure that 'Go' will make a mark, with it's target consumer base being first-timers. With price expected to be under 4 lakhs, the five-doored Datsun Go forms an important key in Nissan Power 88 mid-term business plan. Also, Nissan made it pretty clear that the ultra low-cost (ULC) project with Bajaj Auto is as of now a "closed chapter".

Against the less than 2% occupancy that Nissan enjoys in the Indian market (1.37% to be exact), it hopes to raise this bar to a minimum of 10% of overall industry volumes by 2016, half of which shall be covered by Datsun. Two more Datsun cars shall be joining Go in 2014. The company may use India as a sourcing hub for components when brand Datsun expands to other emerging markets like Indonesia and South Africa.

Nissan has been sweating over the Datsun project since the past two years now, and while the major percentage of cars were developed in India, critical R&D and Engineering was acknowledged at Nissan's global design centre based in Japan, with teams closely analysing the local needs, preferences and demands.
@Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran • 16 Jul, 2013 Nissan-Definitely going in a correct way where the auto giants like MS,ford and hyundai are on fast phase in introducing new and compact cars.There is a huge cold war going on between the car manufacturers in the last decade.
Coming to the looks of Nissan Go-nice and simple could be a competitor for swift,figo and with a price under 4lakhs it definitely has an Edge to extend its lead.
Hope Nissan joins Party...............
@vikaskumar11233 • 17 Jul, 2013 Ganesh, Nissan has plans to launch five models of Datsun to bring back Datson in automotive world and gain at least 10% more profit out of it. It has great plans of launching Datsun in those countries where selling of cars take place with average price of 4 lac in sedan niche. Its going to debut new datsun in India to expand its buisness plans for company's global growth. Nissan has laid out some awesome plans for Indian market. Indian automobiles is going to gain the third rank all over world within this year so it will be a great to launch it in this country. Majority of car sales in India are from Maruti Suzuki's mini car segment so Nissan has decided to debut it in a country like India. In my opinion it will just need 2014 for taking its stand back.
@Jeffrey Arulraj • 18 Jul, 2013 Looks seem okayish the traditional Nissan look has been changed a little

But will it be able to compete with the local markets Which will be having too many new entrants trying to carve their identity in the Indian Auto market
@vikaskumar11233 • 27 Jul, 2013 Well that depends on how better they present the car in front of the people in terms of features, performance and price.

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