Nicotine Patch

Can anyone give me complete info about nicotine patch and their effects on heath and where can i buy it?


  • Pensu
    As i know....these patches are used when someone is addicted to nicotine. I have seen people using it, and these are something like band-aids. They stick to your skin and supply nicotine to your body. I guess you can find them at medical shops. Anyways, r u trying to quit smoking??? Just curious as normally smoking addicted people use them....😀
  • Manish Goyal
    Manish Goyal
    No i don't smoke, actually my uncle is addicted to smoking and the doctor has now warned him if he didn't quit it now , then he may suffer from cancer , so i.e why i am asking about it
    I was not aware of nicotine patch , few days ago i watched one movie of sherlock holmes ,he was using it in that movie,

    Is it really effective and available in India?
  • Pensu
    As far effectiveness is concerned i have seen people reducing the cigarette. One of my friend was quite an addict and he has reduced smoking significantly. I think you can also give him nicotine gum, i dont know about their effectiveness but they are said to be good.

    Stop Smoking Aids to Help You Quit | Nicorette
  • Ramani Aswath
    Ramani Aswath
    complete info about nicotine patch and their effects on heath and where can i buy it?
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  • durga ch
    durga ch
    yes,I remembering Nicotine being introduced in INDIA, please take doctor advice before starting any therapy.
    Just a piece of advice,As far as I know, smokers dont quit (human tendency) when they are constantly being asked to. let them take it slowly.
    I have couple of friends who have quit smoking and each had their own ways.
    while one woke on a day and said -" i wont smoke from today" and he has not till this date, its been 3 yrs and others are reducing it from 10- 8- 2 . dont pressurise them to quit , it will only increase their want to do it more. but do sometime mention the ill effects, though they say they know,but it helps.

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