• sristi

    MemberMay 22, 2006

    nice poem

    this poem was nominated for the best poem of 2005,written by an african kid.

    when i born,i black.
    when i grow up,i black.
    when i go under sun,i black.
    when i scared,i black.
    when i sick,i black.
    and when i die,i still black.

    And u white fella,
    when u born,u pink.
    when u grow up,u white.
    when u go under sun,u red.
    when u cold,u blue.
    when u scared,u yellow.
    when u sick,u green.
    and when u die,u gray......
    and u calling me coloured???
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  • sttepz

    MemberMay 22, 2006

    ya... seen tis b4... gud isnt it?
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  • Neha

    MemberMay 25, 2006

    hey its really a nice poem!!
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