• With the launch of iPhone 5S and 5C, people have noticed that its camera is one of the most striking features. Now the news has it that according to some report, US Patent and Trademark Office has recently granted Apple’s two patents, one for "back panel for a portable electronic device with different camera lens options" and other for "magnetic add-on lenses with alignment ridge." The new patents are designed to deliver iOS devices with add-on and swappable camera lenses which would offer anti-shake and auto-focus. The property describes an electronic device, like an iPhone featuring an imaging system along with a removable panel with optical components.


    The representation of the same suggests that the panel is used to connect to device’s power supply to run various sensors for image stabilization, optical zoom and shutter functions. The patent also covers a magnetically attachable camera module that fits on iPhone or other electronic device which could extend the imaging capabilities.

    Though iPhone camera has been improving continuously over the years, there’s a limit on what optics can be incorporated onto phone due to space constraint. Hence, it may be guessed that Apple may be looking for a swappable lenses. Presently iPhone photographers have to use built-in lens of the device. But if this technology is successful, these people can enjoy removable back panel and can also swap lenses similar to mirror less and DSLR cameras. How cool is that?

    Source: Apple granted two patents for interchangeable iPhone camera lenses | AppleInsider
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