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Next Generation Microsoft XBOX 360 Hardware At EA

Question asked by Kaustubh Katdare in #Gadgets on May 6, 2011
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare · May 6, 2011
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Looks like the Gaming world is getting ready for the next generation consoles. After Nintendo announced that WII-2 will unveiled at E3, it's a no brainer that Steve Ballmer ordered their XBOX 360 team to step up next XBOX's hardware. People at Develop have learned that EA (Electronic Arts) has already obtained the hardware that will go into next XBOX. No fancy looks there, because it's bare metal hardware that's enclosed in a PC like cabinet. EA is said to be doing development tests with it and talking to XBOX software developers to understand the new stuff.

XBOX Imagination

Neither EA nor Microsoft have commented on this discovery. Develop believes that next Microsoft XBOX 360 could be launched by 2012. Several news resources spotted new job postings on Microsoft's job site for XBOX software & hardware development. It's also being believed that Microsoft, in some form, will hint next XBOX at E3. The specifications and features aren't out yet. It's highly likely that Microsoft is working on few key projects that utilize their latest 'Kinect' platform.

At this point of time, Microsoft is betting on Kinect and expects that the technology will keep the XBOX platform floating for at least next few years. If not, Microsoft will have to rethink their gaming and consoles strategy.

Let's wait for E3 to collect further hints. In the mean time, what do you expect from the next XBOX 360? Posted in: #Gadgets

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