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priyadva • Dec 5, 2010

Next Career Move

Hi Friends,

Im a graduate(ECE) working as an IT Support which includes administering and solving the issues in a system,have done MCITP training even.Im planning to study further but confused which one to select.

Could you friends let me know what would be the best option to select shall I take up or continue the same field with upgrading my certifications.Which would be the best option to choose so that my career would flourish.

Ive heard People take teaching as a profession after but im not interested in it,I wanted to work for a corporate world.

Please let me know which would be the best option.

Thank You.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Dec 5, 2010
Welcome to CE, friend 😀

Unless you've 2+ years of experience, I'd not not recommend you to think of further studies. Of course, you can go for certifications during your initial years. You have not mentioned your special interests so it would be difficult for us to come up with suggestions. It's advisable that you take up studies/certifications in the fields of your interest.

Also, are you keen on M.Tech studies? Would you be willing to consider M.S as your further studies option?
priyadva • Dec 5, 2010
Hi K,

Thanks a lot for your suggestion,I wanted to know is this field im working in a good one?how far can I grow in this IT support field,Im actually looking for a good career growth,im working on Active Directory now and planning to write MCITP certification.

I have done CCNA even,but there is no scope in the office for Networking now,so I wanted to know further when I try for any networking job would this IT support be helpful or do they take me as a fresher?

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