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@Chaitanya Kukde • 17 Mar, 2014 • 1 like
Transcend has announced the launch of 16GB and 32GB DDR3 Registered DIMM (RDIMM) modules. These modules are aimed at boosting the memory in Apple Mac Pro 2013 workstation. The Apple flag-bearer was originally advertised to support up to 64 GB of RAM.

Angus Wu, Director R & D, Transcend, said that even though the factory-built RAM can handle most of the common applications, most of the 'power' users' requirements cross the 64 GB limit. These are the users who perform RAM-intensive tasks such as 3D graphics design, HD video editing and graphic-intensive gaming, to name a few. Also, applications such as Apple Final Cut Pro X and Adobe After Effects are notorious for high RAM requirements. In such cases, increasing the memory often offers the best solution.
The new RDIMM RAMs are compatible with the Intel Xeon E5 5GHz 6-Core, 3.0GHz 8-Core, and 2.7GHz 12-Core models and can be used in various combinations to boost the RAM to 64GB, 96GB, and even 128GB total memory capacity.

The Apple Mac Pro is a series of Intel Xeon based workstations. The second generation Mac Pro was announced in December 2013. The Mac Pro series is the most powerful computer offered by Apple, in terms of speed and performance. Apple Mac Pro tech specs can be read here.

Source: Transcend Press Release

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