new technology for laser tv

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We show that images of 50 frames per second can be performed on any screen by a 0,1 mW laser source which is modulated with a play-station video signal and scanned by mirrors. Horizontal freq. 15625, vertical freq. 50 Hz. Colour video is possible with a RGB laser source. Dimensions of the picture increases with distance and limited only by the capacity of the laser source.

This real time and real space scanning laser technique may have many scientific, medical, industrial and military applications; such as

- fast scanning data recorders (CD,DVD, etc. without motors)
- receiving systems (scanner, camera, detector, radar... replacing the laser with a photomultiplier)
- large scale projections (advertisement, home cinema, projectors,disco lights)
- printers (without toner)
- fast scanning radar, etc.

We are a team of engineers and physicists and we are looking for sponsors to develop our project.



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