New Revised GRE Vocabulary - Words Related to Military

Aggression - An unprovoked attack by an enemy

Sortie -

Verb: Come out from a defensive position to make an attack.
Noun: An attack made by troops coming out from a position of defense.

Belligerents - Nations carrying on warfare

Conscription -
Compulsory enrollment as soldiers and sailors

Casualties -
The killed or wounded in battle

Convoy - A number of ships traveling together under escort for the sake of safety

Contraband - Smuggling of goods and engaging in prohibited traffic

Espionage - the act or the practice of spying

Evacuate - To remove from one place to another to avoid the destruction of war

Embargo - An order prohibiting the ships to leave the ports

Mobilize - to make troops and ships for war services

Vanguard - troops sent in advance, forefront of an army

Invade -
To enter another country as an enemy

Neutral -
Taking neither side in a struggle

Alien - An illegal foreigner in a country

Intern - To keep citizens in confinement

Ammunition -
Shells, bombs and other destructive items

Ordnance -
Heavy guns and army store-items

Bayonet - A knife fixed on to the end of a gun

Parole - A promise given by the prisoner if given a temporary release

Puttees - Long cloths bound round the legs of soldiers from ankle to knee

Reveille - Music for awakening the soldiers in the morning

Arsenal - A place where naval or military weapons are made or stored

Parachute - An apparatus which opens like an umbrella to enable a person to drop safely from an aircraft

Volley - A shower of bullets

Salvo - The firing of many guns at the same time to mark an occasion

Cavalry -

Infantry - Foot-soldiers

Fusillade - A number of fire arms discharged continuously

Reconnoiter - To make an examination of enemy territory

Armistice -
An agreement to stop fighting

Capitulate - To surrender to an enemy on agreed terms

Annihilate - To reduce to nothing

Amnesty -
A general pardon of offenders

Battalion -
the main division of an army

Besiege - To surround a place with the intention of capturing it

Recruit -
A soldier recently enlisted for services

Furlough - A soldier’s holiday


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