New Revised GRE Vocabulary - Words Related to Death or Dying

• Asphyxia…Death due to deprived of air

• Corpse…The dead body of human being

• Carcass…The dead body of an animal

• Mortuary…The place where the dead bodies of human beings are temporarily placed

• Carrion…The decaying flesh of animal

• Morgue…The place where the dead bodies are placed for identification

• Cremation…Disposal of dead body by burning

• Embalm…To preserve the dead body from putrefaction

• Winding-sheet…The cloth which is wrapped round a dead body

• Exhume…To dig up a corpse

• Bier…The frame on which a dead body is conveyed

• Pyre…A pile of wood on which a dead body is burned

• Hearse…A vehicle for taking dead body to a cemetery

• Cemetery…The place the dead bodies are interred

• Post-mortem…An examination of dead body

• Autopsy… An examination of dead body

• Posthumous…Occurring after death

• Epitaph…An inscription on a tomb

• Crypt…A vault beneath a church for burial

• Sarcophagus…A stone coffin

• Catacombs…underground caves with burying places for the dead

• Mausoleum…A very expensive and elaborately built tomb

• Euthanasia…The practice of putting painlessly to death

• Obituary…An account in the news paper about the funeral of the deceased

• Intestate…To die, without leaving a will

• Legacy…The property left to someone by a will

• Requiem…The mass for the dead

• Cortege… The mass for the dead

• Suicide…The act of killing oneself

• Homicide…The act of killing a human being

• Infanticide…Murder of a new-born child (infant)

• Fratricide…The act of killing one’s brother

• Sororicide… The act of killing one’s sister

• Matricide… The act of killing one’s mother

• Patricide… The act of killing one’s father

• Parricide… The act of killing one’s parents

• Regicide… The act of killing the king

• Resurrection….Rising from the dead

• Cenotaph…A monument set up for the person who are buried elsewhere

• Electrocuted…Killed by an electric current


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