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kika • Aug 23, 2008

New research work going on in SPRINTRONICS?

hi ppl!!!do you know what is the new research work going on in SPRINTRONICS????

please do reply.................
kika • Aug 24, 2008
thank you!!!😀
shadeslayer • Aug 24, 2008
you want to know on SPRINTRONICS? or asknig to know that people here knows it or not?
kika • Aug 26, 2008
i wanted to know the current research work.............!!!!by the way does any one have any idea if MRAM is used in cellphones....heard it was under research.....has it come to market yet.........??

please do reply............
JustinKolodziej • Sep 1, 2008
I believe you're thinking of "spintronics" with no R, but you may not.

MRAM is just beginning to break into the market; it would still be too expensive to put into cell phones.

And then there's what Ramtron calls "F-RAM", which isn't magnetic at all but is intended to fill the same market slot, i.e. super-speed non-volatile RAM.

F-RAM Memory Technology | Pioneered by Ramtron
just2rock • Sep 2, 2008
yep..that is really interesting

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