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vishal deokar
vishal deokar • May 10, 2016

new project ideas

Dear frnds,

Give some different and new ideas for mechanical project.

it should challanging
Almost all exercise bikes use adjustable friction pads to vary the resistance. Consider designing a bike with a generator. Resistance can be adjusted by adjusting the charging current to a storage battery. Bonus: the user gets some stored power forthe effort put in.
vishal deokar
vishal deokar • May 11, 2016
thank you sir
you mean bike generated power is use to offer resistance. resistance increase or decrease with ratio of speed or force applied
What I mean is that if the bike is linked to a generator it can generate power, which will be available for other purposes. However, an exercise bike should have a variable resistance so that the user can adjust the effort. What has to be designed is the power train linking the bike to the generator so that at a higher setting more power will be generated. I think that a commercially available variable gear for bikes may be sufficient.
At higher setting a larger charging current will be available.
vishal deokar
vishal deokar • May 11, 2016
thanks GURU,

i will going to study on it.

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