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New Macbook Pro And iMac May Do Away With Optical Drives

Question asked by cooltwins in #Coffee Room on Aug 12, 2012
cooltwins · Aug 12, 2012
Member of CrazyEngineers
Parts of Mac OS X Mountain Lion's configuration files seem to indicate that Apple has decided to do away with optical drive in the unreleased iMac (iMac13, 0) and Mac Pro (MacPro6, 0) models. With its newest Mac mini and Retina Display MacBook Pro, Apple had made it clear that Apple wanted to get rid of optical drives as soon as possible. It is a known fact that Apple has never actively supported any new HD optical disc formats on its products. The company is used to discarding obsolete parts when it feels the need to do so. Remember, Apple had discarded floppy disks from its original iMac version long ago.
And in the context of any current Apple device, Optical drive is becoming obsolete. The third party software is available directly from the vendor or Apple’s App store and optical disk has no role in it. Modern Mac models can now get system updates like OS X Mountain Lion through digital downloads entirely. When Optical drives are discarded, Macs can get smaller and  thinner, as a result they become more energy efficient and reliable. The high broadband speeds and cheap flash mass storage might have influenced Apple’s decision. This might also be an effort to channel its customers to its iCloud service.

Source: Apple Insider Posted in: #Coffee Room

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