New GRE (Revised) Sentence Equivalence Practice Questions - V

1. Even though Byron is frequently glib, it is still hard to dismiss him as a ____ thinker.
A. superficial
B. profound
C. lightweight
D. lucid
E. verbose
F. uncompromising

Far from being an innocent prank, their action is a ____ attempt to spoil my reputation.
A. malicious
B. salubrious
C. naive
D. saturnine
E. innocuous
F. callous

Although his findings were initially greeted with ____ , the unlikely hero was finally vindicated when the French Academy acknowledged his work.
A. derision
B. accolades
C. commendations
D. sympathy
E. jubilation
F. incredulity

Their latest theory aims to integrate the seemingly ____ elements of twenty years of research to form a coherent
A. relevant
B. sporadic
C. incessant
D. disparate
E. discrete
F. extensive

Svensson’s ____ in his work earned him few friends: his colleagues probably thought that he would be unwilling to overlook their foibles.
A. xenophobia
B. mendacity
C. meticulousness
D. intuition
E. punctiliousness
F. prevarication

Icons would be well-advised to write their own memoirs; there are too many ____ writers out there who forego accuracy to pander to the preconceptions of the market.
A. creative
B. lackluster
C. hackneyed
D. sycophantic
E. fawning
F. best-selling

Both commentators noted the way that Dylan can submerge himself in tradition while somehow managing to create works of startling ____.
A. gestation
B. singularity
C. provenance
D. conservatism
E. nonchalance
F. originality

When aid is given to an autocracy, the donors are prone to rationalize their decision to support non-democratic governments, and thus lay themselves open to the charge of ____.
A. negligence
B. hypocrisy
C. equivocation
D. slander
E. autonomy
F. nepotism

The insertion of a fiction into a news bulletin cannot be condoned, but inserting propaganda for a good cause seems less ____.
A. untoward
B. democratic
C. reprehensible
D. credible
E. insupportable
F. utilitarian

In showing the shocking images of depravity and degradation, the curators of the art museum said that the importance of historical accuracy outweighed the danger of encouraging ____.
A. prurience
B. avarice
C. vandalism
D. voyeurism
E. outrage
F. torture


  • anujd1488
    1)ac 2)af 3)af 4)be 5)ce 6)de 7)Ad 8)ef 9)ac 10)bf
  • anujd1488
    pls post the correct answers...
  • anujd1488
  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    The correct answers are -

    1. AC
    2. AF
    3. AF
    4. DE
    5. CE
    6. DE
    7. BF
    8. BC
    9. CE
    10. AD

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