New GRE pattern!!!

i hope evry1 knws d change in GRE pattern frm dis oct!! so how many of u r planning to prepone d idea of givin the GRE exam....i mean b4 dis october!!


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    New Gre - Old GRE

    I hope following will be of some help to GRE takers. Have a look at New GRE pattern -

    New GRE
    (Starting October 2006)

    -Two Verbal sections*
    40-minute each
    No more analogy and antonym questions will include more
    >> Critical reading
    >> Sentence equivalence questions
    Score: 120-179

    -Computer Based Test (CBT) —each student taking that administration receives the same questions in the same order

    - Two Quantitative sections*
    40-minute each
    quantitative reasoning skills tested more thoroughly
    fewer geometry questions more “real-life word problems ” and data interpretation questions
    >> New on-screen calculator
    Score: 120-179

    - 2 essays: 30 minutes each for the Issue and Argument essays
    >> More specific essay questions
    >> Grad schools can see actual essays
    Score: 0-6

    -Total Time: 4 Hours

    -Administration: Year-round 30 fixed test dates per year

    *One section may be experimental and number of questions yet to be decided
  • aniruddh_02
    can u tell me more abt new it favourable to take gre bfore oct

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