New GRE is more test taker friendly

New revised GRE is more test taker friendly

1.) The GRE revised General Test is enhanced with a new flexible design.

2.) It is incorporated with advanced technology that lets you move back and forth within a section — you’ll have the freedom to use more of your own test-taking strategies and style, giving you a better test experience.

Changes - GRE revised General Test more test-taker friendly:

1. You can preview and review questions within a section.

2. You can tag questions so you can skip them, then come back to answer them later, all within a section.

3. You can change or edit answers within a section.

4. You’ll have an on-screen calculator[SUP]*[/SUP] for help in the Quantitative Reasoning section.

5. There are new questions that more closely reflect the kind of thinking you’ll do in today’s demanding graduate or business school programs.

6. There are new answer formats such as highlighting a sentence in a passage, selecting multiple correct answer choices and entering numeric answers in a box rather than selecting from a list.

7. There are no antonyms or analogies, so there’s no vocabulary out of context and more emphasis on reading.


To know more about the tricks, tips and information to tackle the new revised GRE, check my GRE blog:

A Blog for all the New GRE test takersA Blog for all the New GRE test takers


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