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@Ashwini Singh453535435 • 25 Apr, 2015
hello @Kaustubh Katdare sir
I m starting my career as .net developer
and i saw some sites like indian payscale
for salary
because after all all we r working is for salary and satisfaction in our jobs at the end of the day

coming back to .net
i realised senior dot net developer has less salary
than senior java developer
so shud i switch after 1 year?????
i had been thinking the same question for last few nightss

and currently microsoft announced it is making .net platform open souced in summer of 2015
kindly helppp sirr
i am really confused

i know salary depends on my expertise and attitude
but sir if see present survey by payscale in march 2015
salary is less in .net while for java developer it is near 8 lakh on average
i m not talking about exceptional cases sir i know i can get much in .net too
but on average its less
i m really depressed and confuse sir
@Kaustubh Katdare • 25 Apr, 2015
Ashwini Singh453535435
i realised senior dot net developer has less salary
than senior java developer
so shud i switch after 1 year?????
Well, there's no written 'rule' that a .net developer must earn lesser salary than a Java developer of equivalent experience. Your salary is a function of multiple parameters like the company you are working with, your past experience (not just in years), your overall skill-set, location, past performance in the company etc. Plus, there are many people who are into other domains like testing, networking, management who are earning 2x the java / .net developers with equal amount of experience in the industry.

The point is - do not generalise. It's simply foolish to base your career decision on the basis of salary. I'm not saying that money is NOT important. The only way to earn 'more' salary is to be awesome at your own work and have healthy relationship with your seniors, colleagues and juniors. That's the key to corporate survival.

Ashwini Singh453535435
and currently microsoft announced it is making .net platform open souced in summer of 2015
kindly helppp sirr
i am really confused
I'm not sure what's so confusing here. Satya Nadella (Microsoft's CEO) wants to make .Net platform open sourced and there's nothing to be confused about it. I'm guessing .net will have a wider adoption than it has right now. Which may mean more job opportunities.

But if you are really worried that you will earn lesser salary by continuing to be a .net developer, nothing in this world should stop you from learning Java. However, even after learning Java, if you do not earn more salary than .net developers; blame your attitude towards work and not the technology itself.

Happy switching to Java!

PS: I'm tempted to invite @Prasad Ajinkya to this discussion.
@Ashwini Singh453535435 • 25 Apr, 2015 thank u @Kaustubh Katdare sir
for giving ur time

sir i know what most matter is expertise i achive in any technology but seeing some surveys i feel like i shud consult and sir is it right aftter 10 year si wont work as dot net developer?? they r promoted to project leader right??
@Ashwini Singh453535435 • 26 Apr, 2015 @Kaustubh Katdare sir
is it right after 10 years i wont work as i wud work on development now in software
@Prasad Ajinkya • 29 Apr, 2015 • 1 like @Ashwini Singh453535435 after a decade working on multiple platforms, you would (and should) be agnostic to these platforms.
As a Tech Arch, it helps your cause to know when to use which platform. Not to mention that sometimes the business already has legacy systems and sometimes you are forced to work with them in which case the platform choice is made for you.

Think of platforms as spoken languages (hence language!), as long as you know the grammar, syntax and the dictionary of the language and as long as you know what is it that you intend to speak (the business logic), you can speak any language!
@Ankita Katdare • 10 Feb, 2016 • 1 like Apparently the salary based discussion is always the 'hot topic' among freshers who tend to base their opinions on hearsay. We can not blame them because, the crowd in India doesn't really use internet to gather information about latest trends in the industry. More often that not, if you read blogs where they talk about what's the emerging wave is about, you will understand that, it's not about what domain you choose or what language you learn. The industry demands you to keep learning and keep yourself up-to-date with all that is new in your chosen domain.

The other day, I was talking to a friend in IT about how she is hoping to switch to another job.. and she told me how she had an advantage when switching because she has work experience in what they call a 'hot skill'. Well, as it turns out hot skill is something in which you won't find many experts. So, it's a relatively new field where finding someone who has practical work ex is difficult for the employers. This way, she gets to demand more salary.

So, what is the down side? She said, she can't move out of Bangalore as only a few companies work on the projects that are written in her technology. So, she has very few companies she can apply to.

To switch to another city or some location/company of her choice, she will have to start afresh. Learn a new technology, try to get some project where they'd be willing to let her work on her self-certified expertise and then move to another company.

So, there are advantages and disadvantages to both sides. You really need to make a personal choice of whether or not you want to keep learning and stay ahead of the game.
@Priyanshu Kherade • 20 Oct, 2018 • 1 like

If you have enough skills sky is limit for you. Java is more useful than .net in some cases. Probably .net is only use for Microsoft foundation at the same time Java use for making bank API's etc.beacuse of that Java is highly paided . I am not saying .net is not good. Both are pretty good but the thing is that the identity of Java developer is unique than others.. both languages are made for different purposes so choose your passion wisely and good luck

@Karshil Sheth • 23 Jan, 2020 • 2 likes

Don't go for salary !!. Being a fresher, I have seen salary is not the expectation and also don't choose company based on the technology they are offering. 

I was also in same dilemma and I hated .Net as it was by Microsoft ? [ kidding ]. I didn't ever feel that I could be create an application in .Net. But a sudden change in the interview made me to make a project in .net and I didn't realized how? May be it was something about the project that I liked and I did. After 6 months they gave me my choice technology and I am happy with it. So I feel technology is a media through which you can complete your project. So waste time in features and solving problems of the project instead of deciding the technology.

Coming to Salary as fresher I was offered 40,000/pm be it a .Net developer or java one. Both had same pay later on they increased according to the problem solving skills and technology information. Also keep in mind choose the companies which are financially good as they are ready to pay more for the vacant post. Startups pay good with abundant responsibilities.  


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