Need Suggestions for FYP on Image Processing

Hi Everyone!

I am a student of Electronics Engg. in 6th semester. I've to decide my FYP based on image processing applications. The application is to be implemented on any hardware platform like FPGAs, Texas DSP kits or using GPUs. I've already made a small project on target tracking through FPGA using real-time video processing. I need some latest ideas/research projects, any industry-specific or product-based project. I would be very glad and thankful if anyone could help me in this regard.

Thank you!


  • gorgeous
    Kindly respond..someone!!
  • pblase
    Well, let's see. Sensor fusion is a current hot topic. Take two cameras with different filters, looking at the same scene (but, of course, in slightly different locations). In "Real Life" one would be a monochrome visible, the other an IR or other wavelength sensor. You have to find reference points between the images, warp one image (or both) so that they overlay perfectly, and add false color so that the user can see both the correspondences between the two images (things often show up in one band that don't show up in another) and also the differences.
  • gorgeous
    Thank you pblase!! Lets assume that I started this Comparative study, but what will be its benefits? I mean what's the scope of your idea? And up to my knowledge, there are cameras available in the market with this feature implemented. Such as, the Thermal Cameras which provide thermal images and corresponding real images with data analysis.

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