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04 Dec 2007

Need Some Info for my project voice recognition car


I am planning to do a voice controlled RC car.

I have done my research and I have a few questions.

I am planning to get the Speech Recognition Kit Unassembled SR-06

I am not sure on what is required in order to make this speech recognition kit to control an rc circuit.

what else should I need to know about, and would I need to order more parts, or is it just this kit.

I am in the begging of my project and I am still searching and gathering information.

I would like anyone with some info or tips in order to help me with my project.

Thank you for the time



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08 Dec 2007
you would need to interface the RF Circuit with the output pins they have given, just replace the & segment display ckt they have given with the RF circuit along with the interface ckt that it needs. If you have the schematics for the RF ckt i may help u with interfacing.....
Just a Tip : I cannot guess know why u are buying the ckt, it must be quite expensive i guess, I would have done using a computer for speech recognisation as its simple also the circuit seems to have very short voice lenght recognisation system....


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15 Dec 2008
Voice recognition is coming to your remote control and car navigation system according to IBM, which yesterday announced plans to embed its speech recognition technology into an array of consumer products.
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24 Mar 2011
Hi, This is Parminder Lotey
I had already developed Voice Commanding to RC car in 2010 when i was doing MCA
I had used Microsoft Speech SDK 5.1 component in my Project and it works nice

So if you want you can download MicrosoftSpeeck SDK 5.1 and then import its component into your project.
But it is on vb.net platform or if you dont get idea then reply me on my email address parminderlotey@gmail.com i will help you
Hardwares that i have used are Microphone,Parallel Port,RC Remote,RC car for
for the hardware part you can see the website www.jbprojects.com it help you a lot
though i am not from the background of electronics i had completed this project in 1 month
24 Mar 2011
@parminder: Why not help on forums for the benefit of larger audience? 😀

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