Need some final year project topics for EEE

Can you suggest me some good topics for final year project for Electrical and Electronics batch?


  • Harshad Italiya
    Harshad Italiya
    There are lot of Project ideas in this Section have a look :- #-Link-Snipped-#
  • widlovesuuj
    ABSTRACT This is project about Cloud Computing; in our project we aredeveloping a Cloud to show the computing power of cloud and VirtualO.S. This cloud will be used to process a huge task on normal PentiumIV processor without using huge servers which is costly. To show thisprocessing we will develop an Image processing application in whichthousand or more images will be processed at time which is difficultto perform for a normal Pentium IV processor. Also this Cloudframework is not limited for image processing application this will bethe general purpose cloud means any huge processing task can performedby just changing the input and dll required to process the task. Also we are providing a virtual O.S to show one of the cloudservices named PaaS i.e Platform as a service. As now a day’s cloudvendors are working on providing a Cloud O.S we are using this conceptand developing an Operating System which can be used online.Project Developed By :Sujan Valand,Santosh Rahangdale,Zuber KaziCollege/University : S.N.D College of Engg(Pune University)Platform Used : C#.NET,ASP.NET,SilverlightSelling Price : 8,000 Rs with Project ReportINTRESTED student please make inquery to

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