Need Seminar Topics in Telecommunication



  • Ashraf HZ
    Ashraf HZ
    Re: Need Seminar Topics

    Hm, how about Multibeam Antennas?

  • vishnuj17
    Hm, how about Multibeam Antennas?

    thanks for ur help😀. but kud u suggest me something that will become popular , not space comm type😕. i want evrybody to feel the topic as it happens 😒
  • Ashraf HZ
    Ashraf HZ
    Space communications? Haha, my friend, have you read through the whole article yet? This article has nothing to do with outer space 😉 Space Division Multiple Access has various applications, which in this case refers to cellular technologies.

    Multibeam Antennas is an emerging technology that will replace current systems such as those used in BTS. It can increase user capacity and spectral efficiency. It has important applications in WiMax, which will DEFINITELY be very popular.

    Its worth doing a seminar for 😉 Obviously the article I gave you is not enough. You'd have to find out more about Space Division MA, patch antennas, WiMax etc.
  • vishnuj17
    😁sorry friend, i wasnt able to access the link then as i think my connection is a bit slow. and i searched for multi beam antennas. thats y i posted u such a reply.
    as u know according to the experts the nxt technological revolution wiil b in tele comm field and i think sdma is the key.
    thanx for ur help....... sdma ll b a great topic if the faculty permits. 😁
    hope u ll b helping me thru out this task. ill b updatin u abt my progress
  • choondu
    i have some topics in mind.. They are:
    Circuit-switched vs packet switched
    Electromagnetic Spectrum and Bandwidth
    Intelligent Network (IN)
    Ultra Wide Band Technologies
    Optical Networking Elements
    For emore see :#-Link-Snipped-#

    hope its useful...let me know:

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