Need Labview Project

i have to do project on labview can u pls help me to select the topic


  • Rupam Das
    Rupam Das
    Lab view is Very good for data acquisition and processing. i.e. if you want some hardware specially sensors data to acquire and process.

    If you are looking for software based project in LabView ( Then I tell you it's filtering toolbox is the best, better than even Matlab). The best Topic would be to work in ECG signal Processing.

    Take an ECG signal ( 12-lead simultaneously acquired data. Filter it using LabView ECG toolbox). Store the data in .mat file and import it by matlab and do the processing.

    LabView's Mathscript is so slow that even pascal can throw it out. So adopt a strategy of

    Hardware->LabView-> Process and Filter-> Store data-> Import in Matlab-> Result

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