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sujay_3819 • May 12, 2009

Need help to implement my idea


I'm from a computer background, however, i have a good idea on power generation. Is there anyone/institute in Bangalore who i can consult to implement my idea. The design should be started from scratch.

If there is anyone who can help, please contact me. I'm ready to pay for consultation.

why dont you appraoch CPRI??? and there are many power consulting firms who can help you,by thw way how much power you want to generate?? what will be the source of power??? how you gonna distribute it??
sujay_3819 • May 12, 2009
Can you name any other private firm apart from CRPI?

About your other queries, i do not have an answer except for the "Power source" and i will let you know a little later.

I have not thought about how much power i want to generate and how to distribute as it is too early to think about them. Firstly, i want to consult some one and explain my idea. We first need to check if it is feasible. We can later think about the numbers. Please dont take this in a wrong sense.
well what is the source??? power consulting firms follow some guidelines,i suppose you should get in touch with CPRI or any research center they are open to new ideas and if succesfull they are easily accepted by industry!!
rwyost • May 13, 2009
sujay_3819, I can help you with your design. Please visit our website at or email me at about your design idea.

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