Need help on scissors lift project

Hi guys,
I have this project on scissors lift in my college. It need to be portable to certain extent and able to lift up load of up to 100 kg (~220 lbs). Dimension of the device is projected to be 60 cm (23'') x 80 cm(31'') x 20cm(8'') and it will lift up the load to about 60 cm(23''). The speed in lifting the load is very slow( around 1 inch a second). I've encountered some problems in this project which I hope the CE- ers here can help with.

1. is a hydraulic needed for this load? I am thinking of using a rack gear but I am not sure whether it is appropriate for this load and whether the lifespan of the device will be compromised due to wear and tear.

2. what is the approximate horsepower and size of the motor needed? This is important because if the motor needed is large and expensive, the whole project is moot( budget of less then 500 USD).

Thanks in advance.Hope I get an A in this project. 😀


  • Keerthivasan Ravisankar
    Keerthivasan Ravisankar
    it depends upon the purpose of the lift..(usage)..😒

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