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Need help on civil architecture

1 . My plot size is 30 feet * 56 feet.

2. In the gorund floor, I build the house using 12 pillars (each pillar contains four 16 mm rods and two 12 mm rods).

3. Each row contains three pillars and like that pillars built in four rows.

4. Each row is separated by 15 feets.

5. In the last 30 X 11 feets, we dont have any pillars/columns and its roof is simply hanging.

6. Can I build the first floor on top of the ground floor? is it safe to build first floor? or do I need to add any extra pillars/columns to ground floor?
1) You should check the foundation depth at that specific area to withstand first floor loads
2) If the ground floor has 9" walls supporting the roof slab it will act as a load bearing structure, hence you can build first floor with same wall pattern above
3) Please consult with a structural engineer to visit the site before starting the construction work.

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