Need help in project involving microcontroller


I'm currently working on a project which requires the usage of microcontroller and I need help.

The project's objective is to read current(ampere) from vehicle electrical system and activates relay under certain current(ampere) range. For example, if the system reads current(ampere) below 1A, it will activates the relay. If the system read the current(ampere) above 1A, it will deactivates the relay.

My idea is; The flow of the system will start from current(ampere) reading gauge. The current(ampere) reading from the gauge will received by microcontroller. The microcontroller acts to determine the current(ampere) range to activate and deactivates the relay. This system contains 3 device to operate, reading gauge, microcontroller, relay.

My question is; 1) Is the idea above possible ? 2) If the idea is possible, how microcontroller will read the current(ampere) value from the gauge (input for microcontroller) ? 3) Is there any product which contains all the function of these 3 devices and programmable ?


  • Hari Prasath
    Hari Prasath
    Yes your IDEA is Possible👍
    Micro-controllers don’t have specific ports for measuring currents, but they have ADC through which you can measure analog voltages to a certain range.😁
    I'm not very sure about the readily available product. Try in your local automobile market. 😔
    I think you are complicating by using a MC. If activating a relay is your only application i suggest you to search for some current sensing relays and try using it.😛

    Dear CEans- Correct me if i'm wrong.😘
  • Jeffrey Arulraj
    Jeffrey Arulraj
    Use I to V convertors and then drive your micro controller

    And as @#-Link-Snipped-# said Your idea is really feasible
  • arunchary
    Good thought check for Texas site where they describes the special controllers for Current and Voltage can be implemented already they are available in market for automation concepts....
  • yogi.bharadwaj
    its possible try to use a device for current measurement and then interface it with microcontroller and then you can control any device by the program in microcontroller but it totally depends on you that which interface you uses to connect other devices with the micro controller. keep trying everything is possible nothing is impossible .so don't give up and keep going,

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