• Hi !

    I was trying to play an old vcd in which the file is in .dat format on my Ubuntu Machine, the problem is when try to play it, it's showing this

    Could not Display "AVSEQ.DAT"
    There is no application installed for “RIFF audio” files. Do you want to search for an application to open this file?
    Please help in this regard, tried searching on Google but un fortunately not able to rectify this.

    Thanks in advance !
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  • Abhishek Rawal

    MemberDec 8, 2013

    vlc player can play it. You'll need restricted codec libdvdcss2 though, which is available in ubuntu-restricted-extras, i assume.
    If it doesn't plays in vlc, then use gxine.
    BTW for me it plays in vlc in openSUSE.
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