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shiwa436 • Aug 5, 2008

Need help in Complex FIR Filter design

Hi, frens,
I am a student final year student of Electronics and Communication Engineering, I am now working on Digital Filters in Signal processing. I need some help in designing a COMPLEX FIR FILTER. Plzz help me. I need no help of ready design, need help in developing my own design, help me with the ideology. thankyou.
xheavenlyx • Aug 6, 2008
First off, If you are in the final year then you must be having a Textbook on Filter Design. Secondly, these books have about 80% of the needed information.

Start by defining what kind of filter you want? highpass, lowpass, notch, etc etc. And then slowly go on from there. It can seem a difficult task but if you read slowly and thouroly, you can acomplish a lot.

Its practically not possible to help you if you not ready to help yourself 😀
shiwa436 • Nov 27, 2008
Hi sir, i have read text books and collected some information on complex filters.
the design steps are as follows.
1. design a low pass digital filter
2.find fft to the impulse response function
3.then make all the negative frequency terms zero
4.find inverse fft
5.these coeff's will be the coeff of complex fir filter impuse response function.

my problem is , what are negative frequency terms?

i will produce my design upto there in the next post.

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