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patil.ashu01 • Jan 26, 2009

need help for SSL implementation-Project topic...

hi friends, my project is on SSL(Secure Socket Layer) Implementation. I need to code it in Java due to availability of ready security and other packages which would help me.. But I am not sure what my frontend would be like? I mean I thought of creating website that runs this hidden code during login or registration session where a secured channel is established between the client and server wherein a client requests the server (eg:-login pg.),the SSL algo. works behind thus processing the requests form the client which was received in encrypted form & forwards it to the server. Thus a secured tunnel is established providing high level security, from hacking the passwords or breaching the security.
But instead, what if I use JSP/Servlets on Tomcat Server? I am not aware of JSP/Servlet programming..(need to learn from scratch). And I have to submit my project by the end of February.. Please help.. how should i proceed?? using what programming???? I also need to show the resultant encrypted text as the output to ensure that the code works fine. Please reply...CEans....😔

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