need help for 8051 progrramming question

Red light - p1.1
Yellow light - p1.2
Green light - p1.3

Assuming the crystal frequency used is 12MHz, write a program:
i) without using Timer, ii) using Timer 0 to run the traffic light with the sequence of Green à Yellow à Red continuously. The delays are specified as below: RED 7 seconds YELLOW 3 seconds
GREEN 6 seconds


  • simplycoder
    @#-Link-Snipped-#: Please show your work, then only we can help you to either write or debug.
    Please remember here, we are there to help you, only when in following cases.
    1)You have worked on the problem,but cannot get the logic.
    2)You have worked on the problem,and you want to optimize it.
    3)You have worked on the problem,you have the logic correct, yet you have difficulties in syntax.
    4)You have worked on the problem,and you cannot program.

    All the above points start with "You have worked on the problem..."
    I hope you have tried to work it out by yourself, so kindly show us the work, we dont mind to see work done by paper and pencil.
  • Harshad Italiya
    Harshad Italiya
    As said by Simplycoder first atleast give a try to make code then post it here for review then if there is anything wrong we will let you know. isn't this good idea?

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