Need Code for 'Countdown Timer'

I want 'Countdown Timer' code for my project, and my project is about 'Online Examination'.
So please get me that code so that i can complete my project as soon as possible. 😀
Thanks 😀


  • KenJackson
    What language are you programming in? C/C++? Java? Javascript?

    Is this a stand-alone application, i.e. a program that can be executed on a PC with no internet connection?

    Or will it be run on a web page? If so, what other code are you using? Raw html? drupal etc? jscript etc.?

    Are you counting down time or something else? If time, is this for a few seconds or days or years?
  • praba230890
    I recently had this code(JS file in attachment as .txt file) for a typical countdown timer. I think you could sort the remaining code out for the output.
  • PraveenKumar Purushothaman
    PraveenKumar Purushothaman
    You can activate the above code using:
    until: null, 
    since: null, 
    timezone: null, 
    serverSync: null, 
    format: 'd:H:M:S', 
    layout: '',
    compact: false,
    significant: 0, 
    description: '', 
    expiryUrl: '', 
    expiryText: '', 
    alwaysExpire: false, 
    onExpiry: null, 
    onTick: null,
    tickInterval: 1

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