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sumir_kumar • Sep 6, 2008

Need a networking project based on software and hardware

Hi CEan's can u help me in finding some nice networking projects on hardware and software and their resources and links as i deadly need for my final year project......I have tried but didnt get the right ones
sumir_kumar • Sep 7, 2008
Really need your help ....
AshutoshGupta • Sep 8, 2008
hey man.
i have got one project for you........

This project requires you to calculate the "total data transfered" from a system via an external device.
besides this it will also require you o calculate the total no. of calls made from telephone attached to that internet line.

THIS WILL HELP THE USERS WITH LIMITED BROADBAND USAGE OR LIMTED PHONE CALLS.........the device will beep of o exceeds the free calls limit or free data limit.

A great UTILIY
sumir_kumar • Sep 10, 2008
thanks Ashutosh now i have started looking for details ....but if u can give me details and links it would be easy for me........but i really appreciate u for your help....😛
rohanjain • Aug 8, 2009
Really need your help ....
pls give me the latest networking related topics and also the procedure...

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