need a help

hi guys

iam new crazy engineer in the ghetto....i joined this forum cz i think it is the

suitable place that i can getta help..😁

iam going to do my final year project after 2 weeks, and i have 2 propose a topic by the coming 2 days...i still collecting some if u have any

help me 2 get it as soon as possible...

my field of interest:

control system
intelligent systems
and reinforcement learning
fuzzy logic controllers

waiting ur help guys..thanks

btw u can mail me in #-Link-Snipped-# if u need 2...million thanks😎


  • Elisa
    Before you get a warning from our administrator, start using correct English. There are several threads available which might help you. Out of your choices, intelligent systems looks interesting.
  • faisal
    well thanks elisa anyway...

    by the way iam sorry if i used any wrong was intentionally...

    hope i aint getta any warning letter, i dunn wanna be barred from here...
  • mahul
    hey chill our admin is too kind....he wasn't going to barr u anyway, he might have just reprimanded u a little

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