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@akhil krishna • 25 Sep, 2015
we are going to start a group in our college(central university).
this group is to unite all present an past ece students in our college.
and to create a platform that interaction with seniours could be more easy. so suggest me a group name.
@Ramani Aswath • 25 Sep, 2015 ECE can be imagined as E See E Seeing is eye or y so E Y E, which is eye again.
So why not just EYE?
@akhil krishna • 27 Sep, 2015 u have suggested a cool name thankyou sir.
but it should be somewhat relevant to techinal thing
@Ramani Aswath • 27 Sep, 2015 Comverse (Communication Universe)
Unicom (Unified Communication)
Intelecom (Intelligent (tele) communication)
MultiVox (Many Voices)
@akhil krishna • 27 Sep, 2015 thankyou sir for your valuable suggestions.
@akhil krishna • 27 Sep, 2015 sir if any catchy name possible?
i like the name eye. but the concept behind that is not clear
@Ramani Aswath • 27 Sep, 2015 E C E can be considered as ee see ee. Seeing means eye, which can be i or y. So E Y E, which is again eye.
@Mohana Chandra • 03 Mar, 2020

Here are some group names for ECE:



Fault Rectifiers

Electric waves



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